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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
Has anyone used the unsubscribe link and still received the emails?
Originally Posted by IBJoel View Post
OK guys, I got an answer for this: Basically because of the way/process our forum uses to communicate with our email client, a very small fraction of users who unsubscribe may receive subsequent emails (it appears that it's a total of 2 people out of nearly 200,000). That can also result in cases like Skippy's up there, where an old email address is used. PM me the email address at which you received the email and I will manually ensure you are taken off of the list.
Thus, the situation is as follows: It doesn't matter what preferences you set on signing up. Consciously opting out of communication from "partners" has no effect - you will be spammed. Once you are spammed you must click the unsubscribe link to be removed from their list. But sometimes it doesn't work and you will continue to be spammed (it is hard to trust the quoted number given I've seen more than two people comment here about unsubscribe links not working). Sometimes when you change your email address they keep spamming your old email address. Seems there is always another excuse.

You asked what the big deal was. It's the betrayal of trust: preferences ignored - check; opt out rather than opt in - check; guaranteed spam - check; faulty unsubscribe links - check. I know what I call an organisation that behaves like that.
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