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Originally Posted by TMonk View Post
Man, reading that makes me realize that I have such a different perspective on this - I'm engaged (live with fiancee), no kids yet, still very gainfully employed as a chemist/scientist. In fact - my specific division/department has seen an increase in business lately, due in no small part to the virus. There is a lot of antimicrobial/antiviral and diagnostic application that overlaps with us, a medium-sized nanotechnology company. So really, things are kind of comfortable and I'm fortunate enough to be mildly inconvenienced by the business closures, and of course worried about my health at worst. I'm very lucky to have my health and income intact (knocks on wood).

Doctors, scientists and associated policymakers (for the most part) have the same perspective - focused on the virus. Which is their job, but we're not feeling it the same way that small business owners and people in "non-essential" industries are. So it's easy to say we should stay shut down.

NOTE: I'm NOT trying to start a political discussion here, and let's please refrain from that - the 33 is generally a pretty mature place. Note that I didn't share an opinion on the matter either - just that I can see after reading procrit 's post that it's easy to take a side without considering the opinions of people who are living in very different worlds.

Also - this thread is supposed to be about training, which just meandered off from talk about poor training performance due to stress. Personally, my training has suffered not due to stress, but mainly lack of motivation for no racing! Even our weekly track series is enough to get me pumped to train - the men's "A's" around here has some pretty serious hitters, and when I'm going really good it's fun to attack scratch races with them and piss everyone off
Well dealing with life and stress can be part of the training process, so maybe it's not so off topic? Either way, glad you are doing well work wise, it's always great to hear positive stories. And yea, not having a race to train for makes it tough!
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