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Originally Posted by Doge View Post
My son was commenting on 3 folks he rides with and how they ride like amateurs and beginners. How they surge and pick random sports to go fast.

As those three are another guy, wife and me - 100+ years of riding between us, all had raced, me the least, I explained the beginner part was likely a bit off. The amateur part - well, never-mind.
As to why - we came to the realization that what was a training ride for him - was THE ride for others. That sprinting up that hill or to that light was as competitive as it was going to get all week.

He's in a pretty serious training mode now. We don't know for what. I am hoping that Eldo will be open Tues, or the CBR race in Long Beach June 7, but I have not heard yet. Maybe Como tomorrow.

Any of the faster San Diego group rides going?
Not sure, haven't looked into it yet. RE: surges, yeah, I don't surge much and prefer to not really open it up unless there is a long open section. I take (petty) pleasure in people that fly by me in busy sections, esp if there is open road coming up.
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