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Originally Posted by rubiksoval View Post
Your training doesn't sound polarized at all, and polarized training isn't traditional. Hardly anyone actually trains that way, certainly not professionals (whose season is spent with long blocks of high-intensity racing).

Polarized training has nothing to with time percentages and everything to do with training sessions. In a 10 day span, you'd only be doing 1-2 hard training sessions, which isn't what most people do.

Most people doing structured training will do something like a Tues/Thurs/Sat workout/group ride/race schedule. 3/7 training sessions are therefore pretty intense. Very much not polarized.

In addition, and most importantly, so much training and specific racing requires a great deal of tempo/threshold riding, which again isn't particularly polarized.

Broadly speaking, the more volume you do, the more intensity you can do, but the less relative time you'd be doing it. So yea, maybe a bit more z2/z3 work in there, or an extra z2 day instead of an off day. 20 hours might be just one workout or group ride with more z2/z3 versus 10 hours, which may be a few workouts/group rides with lots more z3/z4 and a lot less z2. Depends on experience and what you're training to do.
Sorry looking at my post, i wasnt clear enough (I was also combining my run and bike workouts). I am doing the Fitzgerald 80:20 plan and it is structured a little differently from what you describe.

His approach is that 20% of the total weekly volume (approximately) is at intensity - not 20% of the rides. So this tends to be mixed in ocross workouts. On the bike, that intensity is mostly on weekends with some VO2 work thrown in on weekdays. On the run, it is the other way around - weekdays are VO2 intervals along with easy volume, weekends are longer aerobic efforts.

I had called it "traditional" because i was assuming that in a typical 8-10 hour training week, a typical cyclist might only be doing 2-3 hours of intensity (above FTP), which kinda puts him in the 80:20 definition (well, the 80:20 definition i am working with). But this would exclude a fair bit of tempo/SST time as well, so yeah, in hindsight, calling it "traditional" was a mistake.

Side note - i have also noticed that there is very little Z1 time on the bike - it is all Z2 of higher. That echoes what you were saying about not spending too much time in Z1 (something i have been very guilty of in the past, on my long weekend rides).

Your point about what you are training to do is valid. My current regimen would get me slaughtered in any kind of a bike race - i have no top end whatsoever. But it's been fantastic for medium distance tri.

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