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Originally Posted by mstateglfr View Post

Or craigslist/eBay for something like the scott speedster and other discontinued 24" road bikes. Local example to me is below.

I don't think there is much(any?) benefit to a 9yo on drop bars from a practical perspective. If they want to rock drop bars because its what you ride and drops keep em engaged in the sport, i guess I can see that as a good reason?
drops are basically useless unless they are averaging over 13mph. Up to around that point, they just aren't being hindered by wind resistance, and it takes a good bit of power and correct gearing to keep a 24" wheel moving at 13mph.

Some of the links above are flat bar hybrid style bikes.
I think that more important than the style of bars is if the geometey is good and if the bike is light.
I would rather snag an 18# flat bar hybrid for my 9yo than a 27# fuji ace drop bar with low end paddle shifting and nutted wheel axles.
Quality components are way more important to me than the shape of the bar. No nutted axles. No riveted chainrings. No freewheel. No low end paddle shifters. No 3x drivetrain.

As for the comments about kids outgrowing bikes so the cost isn't worth it...
- I have 2 kids and bikes move from one to the next.
- quality bikes hold value and there is demand for them. The 'loss' you take is basically for using the bike for however long.
- many people spend plenty of money on activities and hobbies that others view as wasteful. This is no different.
- buy a kids road bike for $600 and sell it after 4 years of use between 2 kids for $300. Basically it cost $150 per kid for 2 years of use. Plenty of cheap big box bikes will cost that and get that length of use.
- travel baseball, aau basketball, select soccer leagues, equestrian jumping, gymnastics, etc etc etc- all this costs way more than $150 in equipment/fees for 2 seasons.

perspective is helpful. Good luck on the search.
Works fine if you have 2 kids. I have one.
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