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Originally Posted by Twang -O- Doom View Post
..."Rohloff internally geared hub compatible using the upper rack mount on the NDS dropout. The boss is sized to mimic an M6 bolt head and index perfectly with an OEM2 axle plate. A chain tensioner will be necessary." perhaps a cheaper way of installing it?
The Surly quote is not quite accurate. An odd third boss was cast in the NDS dropout in-line with the vertical axle slot, so that if you screwed a M6 bolt in from the inboard side, the head of the bolt would supposedly interface properly with a Rohloff OEM2 axle plate. Additionally you had to install a Rohloff chain tensioner into the derailleur mount on the DS dropout. The "Rohloff hole" is visible in the upper image in #25 , red arrow points to it while partially obscuring the other two bosses (enlarge for clearer view). Surly's "Rohloff hole" likely made for a very neat Speedhub installation into the DT, and yes, it probably was the least costly way of mounting Speedhub of the 3 or 4 options Rohloff offered.

The NDS dropout had two other bosses paired with two bosses on DS dropout, for rack and fender mounts, but the NDS upper boss could not be used with the OEM2 axle plate as it was located too close to the normal axle resting position. Whoever wrote the quoted description did not understand the subject well.

Originally Posted by Tourist in MSN View Post
Just a minor point, the LHT was only available as a frame in 2004 as you correctly noted, but Cross Check was available as a complete bike or frame. I bought a LHT frame in 2004, still have the Surly catalog on my hard drive.
You are indeed correct. Thank you for pointing this out. I see Surly still keeps old catalogs online:
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