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Originally Posted by ricrunner View Post
I like the colour, my bike is black and although it does look good, a safety colour is what is needed these days for touring on the road with idiot drivers around. After all, these triangle bikes were first known a s The Safety Bike, but being black is no safe colour. I wear yellow all the time riding, and since I have being doing this for the last 2 years, have had no further impacts between me and cars.
I don't think the colour of a bicycle matters much if a vehicle is approaching from behind or from ahead. The bike is so narrow that it's quite hard to see the bike anyway. Bright clothing might help much more.

Recently I showed a number of bicyclists just how invisible their bikes were when being overtake from behind. Every one of those people were surprised that the bike itself wasn't really visible. Saddlebags or panniers in bright colours help visibility a lot.

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