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Originally Posted by Rootman View Post
Been cycling all my life, got into it heavily 8 years ago. Live in the Arkansas Ozarks and there are hills everywhere. I can make it OK, but the last few years I seem to be struggling more and more on the hills. I ride as much as I can with work and other duties I have no more time and never seem to get any better. I am not after speed or ultra endurance, I just want to take on hills without it wiping me out. I am getting to the point where I avoid certain wonderful routes because of hills. I have 8 years of GPS data and the average speed is 10 mph - and dropping.

I just ordered an ebike. The shop is next to a hill that on my normal bike I either have to take in 1st gear front and back or stop midway and walk up, followed by another hill I avoid like the plague. On a test ride I climbed right up them both. With my normal bike on a 55 mile ride on Saturday I had to be picked up 4 miles form home due to stress, heat and quad cramps. So, I made the plunge.

Most of the guys are supportive, a few claim I'm 'cheating'. I look at it in that I would probably be sitting at home instead of biking around if it weren't for an ebike. I've also told them that biking 50 mile son an ebike is like biking 35 miles on a regular bike - and most of them never ride THAT far. But the persist and are now avoiding me because I'm a 'cheater'.

Do you just ignore them? What 'arguments' do you use to justify an ebike? I know I should just grow a thicker hide but it bothers me a bit. Any suggestions?
Say, "I like to cheat, its fun, legal, moral and ethical."
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