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Originally Posted by WOT View Post
Fantastic, interested in the custom connectors, obviously iíll search later but if you know any more please let me know.

I'm not sure which connectors he is referring to when he uses the term "custom".
He does sell a handful of items on his web site, which includes some little banana-style connectors....
Installation hardware

Practically speaking, you can use many types of connector pins. In my photos, I show how I use some Amp (formerly Deutsch) pins and sockets. They use a nickel plating and have been very tolerant of the lousy winter conditions that I subject them to.
There are some low cost connectors made by Molex that are popular with consumer products and use tin plating. These are not as durable, and I can't recommend them. OTOH, they are relatively cheap and available through places like hobby shops (some are used in RC toys) and Radio Shack (if you can still find one).

Steve in Peoria
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