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Originally Posted by Kimmo View Post
I'm surprised there are people trying to say discs are easier to maintain or it's on par...

IME, it's extremely rare to find a problem in a rim brake system that's hard to solve, and there's no way I could say that about discs.

Pads rubbing? True the disc... Still rubbing. Maybe it's the caliper? Oh look, someone shattered one of the ceramic pistons, there we go. New caliper. Oh wait, still rubbing. Hey, I guess the piston was damaged by someone trying to force the caliper open further than it goes, because it can't be adjusted not to rub, because the frame company couldn't be bothered ensuring the mount was square. Which I can't fix properly, because my boss is too much of a tightarse to buy the tool for it. What fun.

Rotor squealing? Clean it, clean the pads. Still squealing? Replace the pads, clean the rotor again. Still squealing? Damn, the rotor is contaminated. New rotor, clean the pads. OMG, still squealing, because it's basically a result of the geometry of the system and you've gotta just cross your fingers it isn't plagued by squeals. Yay.

Then there's bleeding... Anyone run into mysterious dramas with that bloody palaver? What joy. Oh, and have fun catching the cancer from SRAM systems.

But hey, if you wear out rims from riding in the muck, maybe the potential hassle is worth it. Don't get me wrong, many disc bikes are hassle free, but if one decides to give you a hard time... Much potential.
Before this post, I always thought you were a rock solid mechanic.


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