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1: Do in the gym what you cannot do elsewhere. Otherwise, why bother?

2: Velocity meters in the gym when doing maximal efforts will simply be fatigue meters. Basically, "I usually move the bar at X m/s but today I'm down to only Y m/s. This means I'm fatigued or about to get sick." In the same way that power meters are used by sprinters on the track.

3: I feel like velocity based training is probably just a neat use of accelerometers and apps in an "Internet of Things" (IOT) sort of way. It won't actually improve training much as weight training is a very, very mature activity (hundreds of years old) and everything under the sun has been tried already and we have culturally kept the best parts. The only thing is that we have to pick the best program for the individual athlete, that's the challenge. What works for 25 year old Johnny who's been lifting as an athlete since HS may not work for 45 year old Jimmy who is new to lifting and athletics in general.
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