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Originally Posted by queerpunk View Post
Everybody I know who has used gatorskin tubulars has found them to be a much crappier ride even than modern Sprinters... and not particularly flat resistant, to boot.

I've had good luck with Stehers. They're very durable, and nice enough to still want to ride them. Since I race outdoors, I use those.

edit: just saw your upthread frustration with Stehers, though. Huh.
Since I race both indoors and outdoors, I have used Stehers for years. However, since I bought a pair of wheels with Vittorias, I am changing over to them for my race wheels since they ride sooooo much nicer; plus I can ride a 45 degree bank about 2 mph slower with the Vittorias than the Stehers (this is not that surprising given the relative stiffness of the sidewalls and apparent (to my fingernail) hardness of the tread). I am just hoping that Rock Hill does not chew up the Vittorias too fast.
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