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Originally Posted by Sy Reene View Post
I'm looking at these LB wheels as well. I have rim brakes though, and am wondering if better off with the LB or the TSRs.. both (in my mind) are a gamble due to very little real long-term (or even short-term) review availability.
Specifically.. debating between these 2 products.. basically at the moment is a CF vs Alloy debate for me.
Short term rim braking review is very positive! I have direct mount Ultegra brakes, using Swissstop Black Prince pads with the grooved graphene brake surface on my LB 46mm wheels, and the braking has been great. I have about 350 miles and 25,000ft of climbing on them so far, part of that was a century with the last 30 miles in pouring rain, and have had no issues. I weigh 83kg, and like fast descents, and have had no worries so far with stopping. I checked the brake tracks after hard braking on a long descent at 40mph and they were barely warm. These are my first carbon wheels, so I was a little concerned, but I have full confidence in them so far. They also make a pleasant sound when braking, noticeable, but not a screech.
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