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Bikes: Does a Big Wheel count ?

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Originally Posted by bakerjw View Post
It is funny how drivers sometimes treat us like deer. Like "OMG! There's a cyclist. What's he going to do. Stay still, he might jump out in front of you."
I get this, all the time. I typically ride in rural county, on nicely paved roads with rolling hills, with very little traffic (yes, it is nice, thanks for asking ! ). I'm visibly a grown man, riding perfectly straight, either on the white line, or often outside it on the paved shoulder, and wearing safety-oriented cycling wear ( high-visibility yellow jersey, helmet, gloves, glasses), yet cars coming from the opposite direction will slow down, and with no other cars around, move so far away that I hear their tires in the gravel off the shoulder of the road, like I'm a 6 year-old darting in and out of the driveway on his first bike !

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