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Any suggestions for a 5 day block of free time? Wife and kids visiting grandparents and we're saving my time for our vacation.

I'm generally a low volume higher intensity person. Would I get any benefit from doing a week of however many base miles I can accumulate? Or is 5 days not long enough of a "camp" to be worth it?

Would you do every other day a really long ride and just a shorty the other two days? Long all 5?

Right now, I can pretty much do a pretty solid tempo and SS pace metric century without feeling bad at all.

I already checked the fondo and USAC calendar, and nothing worth me driving to in that time. I have to be home each night to shut the farm animals in for the evening. So I can't stay overnight. So that's out.

I thought about another Mitchell trip for a long day, but that's probably more fatigue getting up early and driving 6 hours total in a day than I'd get benefit of training and climbing fun.

So..........what would you do with the time?
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