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Cycleway town
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Originally Posted by jmeb View Post
What's the "best" bike law in your state or town?
We can ride on the pavement. Almost everywhere.

I seem to be a bit of an oddball on this site, but you guys have no idea. Everything from your lights, clothes, equipment, bikes, attitude... the topics here reflect how the entire cycling experience, and your approach/execution, is based around the flaws and dangers of having to use roads. And it's horrific.

So much of the world has so far to go. Ironically, it seems the western world is the worst.

All you'll hear about Milton Keynes is that we have too many roundabouts and our cows are made of concrete (ironically it means few traffic lights, and we have real livestock animals in parkland everywhere). It seems our world-leading, quite halcyonical, cycleway system is our best-kept secret. Despite reaching every nook and cranny of the City. And that's great for us..
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