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Originally Posted by jon c. View Post
What is the serial number?

I believe the Workshop bikes have more cachet than the Ilkston frames and might command a bit more from some buyers. But I don't know if the workshop was doing any of these at that time.
The serial number was not struck very well and is incomplete. The only part I can make out are the numerals 710925, so it is missing the letters in front. Another member of the forums has a similar issue with this same frame in that his serial number is struck so that only the beginning of the serial number is legible. His begins with WD7xxxxx. I believe the full serial number should be WD710925 - which is the Worksop designation. My understanding, however, is that Worksop had been closed by this time and manufacture of the Worksop bikes had been moved to Ilkston but still maintained the WD designation in their Serial number.
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