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Originally Posted by Chris L View Post
If you're that worried about it, just insist on separate bills, or better yet, don't go out with those people.

That said, I've never understood this obsession with tipping anyway. I don't see the point of paying an additional amount once you've paid for the meal. Granted, you might do it as a one-off if you receive exceptional service, or some kind of assistance beyond the call of duty, but frankly, I don't see the point of leaving a tip (which is almost certainly going to be snapped up by a manager anyway) for someone who's only function is to bring me my food on a plate.
I've heard this excuse before. Exceptional service?...would you like a foot rub or perhaps a massage while you eat your meal? Sheesh! Try working as wait staff for a week and you'll realize how ridiculous your rationale to save a couple bucks is.

As has been said, if you can afford the meal, you can afford the tip. And a tip is deserved for good service. If you received poor service, then leave a lesser or no tip. And yes, tips are taxed. Even the ones you apparently aren't leaving.
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