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Originally Posted by twobadfish View Post
That isn't correct. All tips from checks paid with credit card are reported and almost all modern wait staff software automatically assumes and reports 15% on all cash checks. So essentially by dipping under 15% for a tip you are denying servers their wage and making them pay taxes on money they didn't actually earn. In my opinion you have to be sort of a scumbag to not tip.
I suggest you read the entire thread, the tax issue has already been covered. The personal income tax legislation in most countries of the world only taxes people on money they have actually received. If you have a problem with people in your country paying taxes on tips they may or may not receive, I suggest you take it up with your local member of congress.

Originally Posted by twobadfish View Post
I mean you know it's customary and you know it's what actually pays these people's wages - so why eat out when you also know you aren't going to respect either of these facts/rules?
Again, read the thread. Most of the money from tips never reaches the waiter or waitress. A friend of mine once applied for a job in a restaurant where he was told he would be expected to pass on 100% of any tips he received to management, although I suspect he would have just pocketed the cash tips (assuming he received any) because nobody could ever trace it. As I've already explained, it's far from customary throughout most of the world, in fact, I've been to countries where people would get quite agitated if you tried to leave a tip. Here in Australia the majority of people never tip (and nor should they).

Even if it is a "fact" or a "rule" (which it most certainly is not), the establishment should advertise before I enter the premises, so I know up front and I can decide whether or not I wish to pay the exta amount.

Originally Posted by twobadfish View Post
You want to enjoy all the benefits that the tipping system provides (above average service = higher tips) yet you don't actually participate on your end. AND you're proud of it.
No, I just want what I pay for. If I'm eating a $20 meal, I expect to pay $20.

Originally Posted by twobadfish View Post
By the way, it is clearly understood that the 'advertised price' of something at a restaurant with a server includes a gratuity. It's a social norm that you are trying to reason yourself out of with faulty logic.
I'm not "reasoning" myself out of anything. You clearly haven't read the thread, or even my previous post. I have already said I have no problem with the advertised price including a gratuity. At least then I know the meal is going to cost me $22, and I can then make a decision as to whether the meal is worth $22 (whether or not it includes a gratuity).
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