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Wheel build question

Did I mess up or get mis-matched spokes/nipples?

I had an old wheel that had broken 3 spokes so I decided to re-lace. 32 hole Joytech hub, 622 Alex DM18 rim. Bought DT double butted spokes & brass nipples from lbs. Original spokes were 296mm and he had 295's in stock which didn't seem to matter.

The box of spokes had alloy nipples so I asked for brass which we went in the back and got. We tried a couple and they fit the spokes.

Assembling I removed a spoke & replaced 1 at a time. 3x pattern. Used antisieze on spoke threads and a drop of synthetic oil where nipples went through rim.

After basic true I de-stressed spokes by placing wheel sideways on floor and pressing on each side.

Installed tires Gatorskin 32c, and got trued to within a mm or two on bike. Went for a ride and wheel came out of true after 4-5 miles. Arriving home I found 1 spoke had pulled out of nipple and others very loose.

I was wondering if I could have gotten mismatched spokes/nipples or if I messed something up on the build. Thanks.

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