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I found that with my ride conditions (*) I get about 1800 miles before the chain shows as too worn.

HOWEVER - I found that if I just leave the chain on anyway, the drivetrain continues to work just fine until the whole thing has about 9000 miles on it.

If I change the chain at 1800 miles when the Park tool says to, well, the rest of the drivetrain lasts about 9000 miles before it's worn out, as indicated by the fact that when I put a new chain on, I get skipping.

So, my conclusion is to just leave the chain on and replace the drivetrain every 9000 miles. The alternative is to replace the chain every 1800 and STILL need to replace the entire drivetrain every 9000 miles.

My experience may not be the same as yours but it's the conclusion I've come to.

(*) My route at the time included 8 miles per day of gravel road which really gunks up a chain. I could put a brand new chain on, ride 20 miles in the rain and the next morning the chain would be too gunked up to even bend anymore.
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