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Flying 200s

Hi guys, I am looking for advice to get the best flying 200 I can at my first competition this coming weekend.

I've been testing different gears ranging from 88" to 106" and recording speed and cadence hoping to get an easy answer but I haven't been able to test all the stuff I wanted in time so it turns out I don't really know which gear to bring up for the qualifying 200!

I'm still a beginner in this game, only been training for sprinting a few months, but here are a few numbers so you can gauge my level. My current PB is somewhere around the low 12s I believe--got 12.51 at few weeks ago with a small 92" gear but have since improved my speed measurements with bigger gears. My fastest top speed so far has been 60.7 km/h, just the other day with 106" (51/13), max cadence was about 123 RPM.


1) What is typically the optimal max and average cadence? From what I've read/seen online, it seems that cadence should be around 130-140 RPM to maximise power?

2) What is the typical cadence for the final jump to maximise acceleration and speed? And like should I go all out from corner 4, accelerate as hard as I can, or accelerate like 90% and then go 100% down the banking of corner 1?

3) What's the ideal 1.5 lap buildup? From my own records, I seem to have a very spiky buildup, basically gaining speed on the straights but getting big hits around the corners, all that while leaving every corner faster than the previous. In my case, I typically accelerate hard from around 35-40 km/h, 40 km/h usually leading to higher top speeds. Is 40 km/h too fast/too slow for a peak speed of 60 km/h?

Here is a graph of a typical build up and flying 200. Is there anything I am doing clearly wrong?

Thank you
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