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Originally Posted by brawlo View Post
From that, I would say you need some fitness work. Don't underestimate how fit you need to be to be a sprinter. I did for too long, and seeing the importance of it now. As for gear, DON'T GO LOWER! Your top speed is on 51/13. Why would you possibly contemplate going lower? You can't get a high average speed (the crux of a F200) without a high top speed. The only reason to go lower would be if you timed efforts and you went slower on the F200 in 51/13, but I would highly doubt that would happen. Stick with it and trust yourself.

Also try and get splits for your effort, including the leading 50m into the F200. Or at least get someone to video it so you can work those out for yourself
Mmm that's probably quite true haha not at my fittest cardio-wise at the moment. I will follow your advice, will got for 51/13

Originally Posted by Poppit
Are you doing BUCS?

For the future, there are some sprint clinics coming up in Derby over the next few months, why don't you get yourself signed up onto one of them? Black Line Coaching Click on Group Clinics.
Also, the Swinnerton sprint sessions start up again in the new year.
Yeah that's the one, doing BUCS starting tomorrow morning
I will deffo look at the Black Line coaching clinics! I have been to a couple of Swinnerton sprint sessions a few weeks ago, were great, learned quite a bit! Will continue to go next year for sure.

Originally Posted by queerpunk
This depends on your track! From your posts it sounds like you're on a 250, but 250s can have a lot of different shapes, and other factors (like wind) can play a role in when you choose to jump. And, of course, your own physiology plays a role. I don't accelerate very fast so I tend to go for a long 100% coming out of turn 4, plus a semi-sharp turn-1 dive to help me eek out the last bit of speed.

From a quick look at your data I wonder if you're jumping from too low a speed. 40kph, even after another gain in altitude, is a bit slow. You can play around with when and where to put power down so that you get more speed for a comparable effort. And, since your top speed drops off at about 10 datapoints, either you're crossing the 200m below your top speed, or you're losing speed on the homestretch.
That's right, 250m indoor track. I think I may be more of an explosive athlete, even a few second longer efforts at max power kill me. But I guess testing will tell!

Good point about the 10 data points... I wouldn't be surprised if I am loosing a bit of speed on the homestretch... Yeah I too think I must be jumping from too low a speed, even sometimes as low as 35 km/h, and those tend to lead to lower top speeds. So it all correlates. I will try to jump from closer to 45 km/h and see how that goes.

Originally Posted by carleton
You are overthinking it.
I know...

I wish I could have night sprint sessions like those, sounds sick! I don't think there are any at Derby velodrome though...
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