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This is really random, but does anybody know anyone that has no clue that they don't speak with what most people would consider "normal inflections" to their speech? Or folks who do not have a knack at all for being able to phrase things?

Son pops in side door, first words to his brother "why you doing that over there!?" I go to correct him "why don't you ask him what he's doing?". Wife said not to correct him, the origin of the habit herself. It wasn't the words he chose, it sounded like one brother trying to correct the other. Place the inflections on different syllables or words and it might come off a little nicer. Also, he's 10, he knows the difference between "what" and "why".

Or popular in our household "what are you doing that for, no" instead of "hey, do you mind if we unload the dishes when we get back".

Drives me bananas sometimes.
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