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Originally Posted by furiousferret View Post
My Step Father sent me cookies for my birthday. Ate 3, and the rest went to work.

I tell everyone about cycling and my strict diet, and people still send food. Its always, 'One thing isn't going to hurt you'...but the then you get events you're obligated to attend on top of that. I do well counting calories at home, but have no discipline at restaurants or when there is a buffet of food present. Every 5 minutes I have to convince myself not to eat that appetizer, and it never lasts.

5 lbs off race weight. I go to the UK on vacation on Saturday so will probably come back 8 over. I'm going to work out while over there and limit my intake at the hotels buffet, planes, etc but we're probably going to eat out at very nice places and I'm not going to track calories for those. Its probably going to kill March and April for racing, and quite frankly I wish racing wasn't on my mind because its going to ruin the experience.
If you aren't renting a car and aren't taking the cab that often, it's a good bet that you won't come back 8 over. For one thing, it's extraordinarily difficult to pack on 8 pounds even in one week. You might not even come back 2 pounds over, though you may lose a bit of muscle (so that x kg after the trip isn't the same as x kg prior to trip, in terms of body composition).

When we were in the Netherlands, we must have walked at least a good 2-2.5 miles a day. I did 2x bodyweight work during the trip as well. It's not a lot, but it helps. We didn't really count calories and ate our fair share of stroopwafels, Christmas specialties, cheeses, etc. Came back about the same mass, but did lose a slight bit in terms of fitness (say 5-7 W off of FTP).

That said, taking a trip when training for racing is hard. If there's one benefit to no longer participating in mass start racing, it's that i'm a lot less overwrought when it comes to peccadilloes when it comes to regimented eating.
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