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Originally Posted by velojym View Post
I work from home, though I do have a 'normal' work schedule... other than being on-call 24/7 every other week.
I agree with the idea of true, rational selfishness. Logically, the path to this involves deciding what's best for you, not your current whims. Treating the people around you well is better for you in the long run than being narcissistic... a word most people who complain about 'selfish' should be using.

Also, if she doesn't want me to live much past 50, it means, in the long run, she doesn't want me around. We can address that in a different conversation if she wishes. I agree, being a healthier Dad is far better for the family than the nearly helpless blob I am now.
I think it isn't all malicious, though. There was an episode of King of Queens (I'm not much of a TV watcher, just saw part of this on a gym TV the other day) in which the husband was getting a lot of attention over his weight loss, and the wife was visible disturbed and jealous of it.
Also, I think there's a drive from some 'caretaker' types to want to be the source of all happiness, and if you find it within yourself... it kinda makes 'em feel slighted.

Sorry. I just want to ride my bikes again.

I'm planning to use Sunday morning as my weekly weigh-in, as I understand daily ones can be counter productive. I'll post results here.
Maybe even some pics now and again, if I have the guts.
i was pretty heavy when my 2 girls were school age. I always loved cycling but being a nurse and working three 12 hour shifts a week and then looking after my kids left me without the ability to take off on my bike whenever I wanted to. My wife worked in marketing and often came home late leading to all of us making some pretty poor dietary choices during those years.

As as far as your weekly weigh-in goes: I try to weigh in daily. To me this keeps you on track better to micro assess those times where you are gaining (or when you are losing). The graphs on the Fitbit app are very cool to track this stuff.

I can’t fully relate about working from home - but really I guess I can since I am only (typically) at the hospital 3 days a week.

You look pretty normal in your picture from 2002 that you posted. Are you wanting to get back to your weight in 2002? I would say it is definitely attainable. But, a lot of things can happen in 16 year’s time. Granted, getting dramatic results while you are entrusted with the heavy everyday responsibilities of raising kids is going to take some creativity. You mentioned that you go to the gym - can you tell your wife that you absolutely are penciled In for certain fitness classes on certain days? I know for me, that the cycling is more of icing on the cake whereas the gym is where a lot of the heavy work is done. Also, a couple of nice things about group fitness classes at the gym is that you can sort of let the instructor provide the motivation in the event that all you can bring is to show up. Also, a hour class involving some sort of resistance training rewards you when you’re healing and when you are doing things with your kids - so it is a bit of a double positive.

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