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Originally Posted by velojym View Post
As for gym time, I just started getting up earlier and getting it in before work.
Also, I have a very passive-aggressive wife. I often don't know she's upset about something until it's too late, and even then I'll be completely clueless as to why.

I just walk on eggshells and hope she gets over it soon, because if I ask, she'll blow up.
Oh that's not good. One of the problems I've had with my Wife, whom left to move to another state with her boyfriend. Is that I too walked on egg shells to prevent her from blowing up. But I did this since her screaming greatly affected the children. Now I'm not saying this is the situation with you, but that was a huge problem for me, because I became timid and a do anything to make the Wife happy kind of guy. When I really should have told her to go stick it! There are times that a good argument is necessary. I got to the point of becoming depressed because of this relationship and of course means eating a lot. When in reality I should have fought back and stood my ground.

You got to talk to her other wise she may not think you really care. Which of course means she maybe the one that resents your biking and doing things you enjoy. If your Wife is like this, is it possible your relationship with your daughters are somewhat fueled by the Wife saying similar things to them? Now this is all going off of what I lived through, and maybe entirely different for you. But it's food for thought.

For me, I have found a profound improvement in my life and my children's lives. Finding my kids are now honor role students each semester since the Wife has left.
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