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That's ok. We're different enough, since the younger aspects of our lives have past, that we're not really compatible anyway. I'm still here because of my daughter, but I don't see myself living long if I don't put a foot down, then another, then another... away. I love her, but she's long since stopped loving me, and blowing money on a counselor will be a waste of time and money. She's a good enough woman that I'm ok with leaving our girl with her, and she's also the chief breadwinner, by a huge margin. I gave up a fairly lucrative career to stay home and take care of our daughter after she was born 3 months premature. I worked part time at a local airport after about 3 years, but couldn't do anything full time until she started going to school. I had to start over and I'm making about a quarter of her salary now. She actually stresses about my relatively low contribution to our finances, apparently thinks less of me because... Hell, I don't know. I made a sacrifice when it was the only thing to do, and I'm paddling like mad to get caught up again.

I was happy when I had my health, my bike, and a place to ride. I haven't really been all that happy since, though I have been loyal, and gave up a lot for my little family, it seems like it's never enough.
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