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I've been wondering about this lately.

I've done many athletic activities in my 34 years, including running, swimming, gymnastics for several years, weights (back in college for a semester), pickup sports (street hockey, soccer, baseball), Spartan Race, aggressive inline skating.
I raced bikes for the past 5 years a LOT. Training was always confusing to me. My power always varied a lot day to day, and the progression is not intuitive.

I burned out last year, and after a crash in October I started weight training. To me, it is perfectly intuitive, how much to do, when to call it quits, when to do high reps vs low reps, etc. I can hit within 1% or 2% of target numbers. It's nice. Now I'm back on the bike training and it's hella frustrating how it doesn't work like that.

Here are my main questions/gripes/wondering what I'm doing wrong:

1) Power on the bike is always a mystery. I'll be hitting predictable numbers, and for no apparent reason sometimes the numbers change by 20-30 watts. It's probably fatigue/freshness, but the CTL/ATL/TSS model seems to not predict this with any accuracy.
2) How does fatigue on a bike work? With weights/muscular strength, I can rest 3 or 4 days and be 99% sure of hitting specific numbers. On the bike I can do a hard ride, then 3 days later be 20% sure of hitting anything close. Or I'll think I'm good to go, and not know until halfway into the first effort when power is down 30 watts. And this is with about 10 times more experience bike training than weight lifting. It FEELS like my muscles are tired, but is it really my aerobic system?
3) Why does it always feel like my muscles are giving out, even in aerobic activity? Threshold? Muscles get tired. VO2 max? Muscles get tired. Anaerobic effort? I breath super super hard, but my muscles get tired. It confuses me cuz running isn't like that. Running I get aerobically tired.
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