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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
...I liked the jambon et fromage baguettes, but after 3-4 of them the hard bread had damaged the roof of my mouth.
I always turn the baguettes upside-down so that the "smooth" bottom side is against the roof of my mouth and the buzz-saw-sharp top side is against my tongue. That really helps avoid the damage to the roof of the mouth. It's also helpful to take sips of water to soften it.

On the way back, after Loudeac, my food consumption consisted of jambon et fromage baguettes, many candy bars, a sausage at Quedillac, a crepe at the crepe place, some dessert that one of the towns was providing for free, and some dessert and yogurt at Dreux. Basically those baguettes are the only thing you can get fast at controls. Everything else means a long wait in line. And then often a long walk to an empty table. And then it's food that has to be eaten at a table instead of on a bike. Buying only food that I could eat on the bike probably saved four hours and thereby saved my ride. One other key: If at all possible, use the woods for bathroom breaks. Otherwise you can easily spend fifteen minutes in line for the bathroom.
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