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Slow Commute

I commute 5 miles to campus through the pot-hole ridden, prostitute and drug addict district. I usually give myself 20 to 25 minutes to do this and as a result of procrastinating, I'm usually really stressed and forgetful. I have to mash my gears in order to get to campus on time, weave on and off side-walks, making sure to avoid potholes and cracked, raised sidewalks. This can be mentally taxing.

Today, I tried something different. I left 20 minutes early, giving myself almost twice the time to do the commute. SO MUCH MORE RELAXING AND ENJOYABLE. I had time to enjoy the ride, notice the environment, day dream. Sure, I wasn't speeding through, but I also didn't have to worry as much about running over stuff and I had time to day dream. I'll try to make a habit out of slow riding, but it's kind of hard to get everything to fall into place for a stress free morning.

Do you guys cruise or race to work/school?
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