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Finally had an opportunity to use the wheel as I intended. Wheel was placed on my steel road bike for the 12 mile one way commute to work. Having been an active cyclist for over 15 years the desire to pedal is one that isn't easily overcome so the wheel was more of an assist than a full power motor. More than 50% charge remained on the battery for a mostly flat ride. Recharge time was a bit under 4 hours. Ride home was a bit longer at 14 miles with me not providing much added energy. 50% plus charge remaining this time as well, a bit over 4 hours to recharge. My commute speed with the geoorbital was essentially the same but I did not need to shower off the sweat at the end of both trips, a win in my book when commuting. Right now it looks like the marketing stats and real life performance are in alignment.
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