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Originally Posted by himespau View Post
In an ideal world, I'd have the cash to buy both. This being the real world, the affordability of doing that comes into question.
ok so I am sorry, I am not rich either but I am an amatuer bike mechanic and buy and sell some bikes that is how I finance my and my familys bike riding habits lol.

So what about this,,when it comes to the pedal bikes I never buy them new. I go to thrift shops and find them from 5 to 10 bucks, maybe they need a little adjutment but many times you can find them almost new since kids grow out of them so fast. Then the balance bike you can do the same and make one. You just have to make sure the bike is low enough where he or she can sit on the seat and push off.

I hope this helps,,,even if you have to do just one,,get her on a bike. Get one at the thrift shop with training wheels, she can learn to pedal and stop with the brake. Then take the training wheels off run with her till she gets it. The balance bike is kewl,,but I dont think it is a must.
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