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I don't "get" balance bikes. Just get her a real bike and teach her to ride- it takes 5 minutes!!!!

If she must have a balance bike, just get her a regular bike and take the pedals off.

But really- just teach her to ride. It's like flipping a switch: Now she can't ride....you spend a few minutes with her, and voila! 5 minutes later, she's riding, and has a skill that will last the rest of her life. People who fart aropund with balance bikes and training wheels, always seem to end up with kids who learn things which are counter-intuitive to riding; and it seems that their kids take YEARS to learn to ride a real bike.

I went from tricycle to real bike when I was 6. 5 minutes. One of my nieces who ahad a bike with training wheels...we thought she'd never learn to ride- it took years- thanks to the training wheels, and my bro-in-law's failure to just get out there with her and teach her.
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