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Maybe I should start a new thread, but here are first impressions of a brand-new trike rider.

1. Unfortunately, the groin pain doesn't go away. My doctor thought that I have a bruised pelvic bone and that the pressure of the saddle was the problem. There's no pressure on my groin with the trike, but I get pain anyway. Maybe the diagnosis isn't right. I had an MRI earlier in the week, but no results as yet.

2. It's sort of fun, and it's definitely good for my back also, but I really wish I was on a DF bike. Not only is a DF bike easier, but I miss being higher up. The scenery is better. Also on the trike, it's harder to see road hazards (and with 3 parallel wheels, harder to avoid them)

3. I'm very aware of safety. It's not just that I'm not as visible. I'm also less maneuverable. If somebody else makes a mistake, I'm a sitting duck without much ability to rapidly change course. I'm riding more on trails than roads, but some roads are unavoidable.

4. Yes, it's slower. C'est la vie. THe small wheels on the Eola make this more true than some other rigs, I suppose.

5. Yes, different muscles. I feel very much leg-limited in speed, even though my HR remains low. If I stick with the trike long enough, the muscle development will come, I suppose. And I'll feel the opposite effect whenever it is I go back to the DF.
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