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Originally Posted by MinnMan View Post
I'm not there yet. I feel like I'm mashing mostly. am trying to get the hang of spinning, but it'd different from spinning on a DF.

40 miles today, and it was pretty tiring, even though much of the route was flat (just a couple of steep hills). I can't tell how much of this is just that I'm out of shape and how much is the transition to a recumbent. I'm used to weekend rides between 60-100 miles on the DF.

But I'm beginning to enjoy it. I want to be able to cruise at a reasonable speed and watch the scenery go by, like I can on a DF, without feeling like I'm working for every pedal stroke.
At some point you may want to ditch the trike and a get a fast recumbent bike. You'd probably pick up a good 4 mph.
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