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got training plan?

i'd like to start a serious training plan but i don't want a canned version. what i would really like is to understand the science behind why a vo2max is designed the way it is or why a recovery is designed the way it is. those target power levels aren't configured that way just to have a pretty looking profile.

i've hunted around but don't know the proper search terms, most of what i find is crap like "the top 6 training strategies..." or "why you should train like i do and if you don't then you are a..."

i can hold my own fairly well at 53 (in my opinion, at least i am satisfied with my performance). but i would like to improve more specifically faster hill climbing and the ability to go longer and perhaps faster as well though i understand that not all can necessarily be achieved all at once. of course time needs to be managed and i still work full time.

i have a single bike with no power meter. i do have a smart trainer and intend to use that since it does have power built in. that way i can watch my progress.

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