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Sprint training in traffic

I've doing more serious training on my sprints lately as I've made some big changes to my sprint posture, which considerably reduce aero drag. I'm particularly training to get used to my new posture, adapt and get comfortable to it and improve power output at the posture.

As some of you already know, the vast majority of my training happens within city bounds, on regular road lanes with vehicular traffic (only few bike lanes available). Sprint training became problematic as my speed improved considerably. The common problem is I often run out of road to accelerate, had to hit maximum brakes for the red light or accelerating to higher speeds than the cars which is pretty dangerous.

Seems like I can manage so far. Should I continue doing the relatively dangerous practice or are there better and SAFER things to do it in traffic?? Max effort braking is also dangerous, sometimes my rear wheel loses traction even if I'm already lightly tapping the rear brake. I can get the bike under control but it looks embarrassing to be skidding a bit. It makes motorists very nervous.
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