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Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
CW, I think you need to state a goal. Work on sprinting is too vague. How will you use the sprint power? Will it be in a criterium to win a bunch sprint or from a break away? Or do you want to drop drafters in heavy traffic by sprinting?

IMO, sprinting, for any duration , in dense traffic does not sound very solid to me. I would not do it. If you want to discuss how to sprint and train to sprint, I can offer some help and we can come up with possible terrain in Manila that may work for sprint training to improve your final sprint speed and jump.
Sometimes I do it to chase green traffic lights. But mostly, it's just trying to reach the highest speed I could in between intersections. Usually less than 500 meters, from a standing start.

I don't expect to reach crazy speeds. I only weigh 122 to 124 lbs. Not the best weight for someone to very competitive at sprinting but I'd like to be prepared for anything in road cycling. I sprint in a very low posture. As low as Caleb Ewans but NOT in the the same extreme forward position (which would be suicidal in the streets of Manila). That very low position to make up for my relatively low power output. I'm also trying to gain a bit of weight and I've already gained a few lbs (I used to only weigh 119 lbs).

I'd like to hear your suggestions on possible places in Manila and I'll go check it out.
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