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I cannot help with doing repeated 500 meter efforts between traffic lights. You are on your own.

By definition, sprints are approximately 200 meter maximum efforts and generally around 20 pedal strokes. Road bunch sprints are done with lead outs and the sprinter knows his mark when to start sprinting and what gear to be in. This is practiced by finding a hill with flat section at the bottom and the hill is used as the lead out. The training is to simulate the lead out and then sprint for 200 meters. I am sure there are a some hills in Manila that flatten out where this could be possible. In general, most cities do not have good spots for doing this type of sprint training, but you said you had steeper hills so I suspect there will be one that will work for this workout. Rest is 20 minutes between sprints. Maybe you do 4 of these in one workout.

Another way to build strength and acceleration (great for dropping drafters) is to roll up to a flatter spot at the start of a grade and do a max 10 second seated effort (you do not go very fast but you peddle as hard as you can). Put the bike in a big gear and then seated and in the drops, stomp on the pedals and begin to accelerate. As you climb the hill it gets harder. The effort is 10 seconds. Once again, these could be done in sets with longer rest periods between. We do these at the 250 track and finish the effort by climbing the 45 degree banking and then dive off.

I know some excellent sprinters who are smaller in stature. Sprinting is about strength and fast twitch muscle fiber and proper training.

What you describe is more of a 500 meter time trial not a sprint. Yes, it has sprint elements to it. I am a 500 meter trackie specialist and I would not do repeated 500 meter efforts to train. I might do 3 x 500 meter roll up efforts over a 3 hour track session. Normal sprint training for the 500 is flying 100 to 150 meter max efforts at the track.

The goal of sprint training is maximum effort and maximum speed. By definition, it only works in very select urban areas and most local roadies know where the good spots are for sprint training that are safe and offer the terrain to get a sprint workout.
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