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Originally Posted by Roody View Post
Sounds like you're doing alright with your power and endurance if you're still tossing off centuries.

Bear in mind that cold air is more dense than warm air, so it really does take more effort to push your bicycle through that denser air. (At least that's what I've read on several winter cycling sites.)
That's what "they" say.

Over the summer I slowly worked my way up to 138 m. Down to about 50 degrees the only thing I noticed was
slightly different clothing. Coming home at 31 f I noticed I was using much lower gears on the same hill, breathing harder and working harder on the same exact hills as before. I'm not going to push myself too hard when it's cold.
Slowly, I'll go up maybe only two miles at a time over the winter. The typical "thinking" is increasing by 10%
at one time is comfortable. Don't care. I can't even feel 2 extra miles from one ride to the next. I'm NOT fixing a flat in the dark, in freezing temps, while exhausted!!

If I do I'll admit it.

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