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Originally Posted by sapporoguy View Post
In Denver, the guy in the baggage car demanded gruffly: who let you put this on? We dont take tandems. I told him Emeryville, that 4 people there said it would as ok as did the train crew person. He said hed have to contact them. I said why was that the rule and he said he wasnt sure, but it was the rule.
The tandem fit fine and didnt seem to hinder anything.
how can we lobby Amtrak to welcome us?
Uh oh - hopefully you don't have problems getting back home again.

This is the site the Denver guy is likely quoting from: And the one we need to lobby/hope gets changed.

Either to get the Checked Baggage size limit increased to a higher number or to wait until they can accommodate tandems in their Carry-On racks.

I was looking to get from SoCal up to Crater Lake using the train with our tandem but would be scared based on what I am reading and what you are experiencing.
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