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resurrecting this again because it happened again. Good thing I did, because I didn't realize to reset, you have to stop the timer. I rode 375 miles again last weekend. I tried to reset at 300 miles, but it didn't work, apparently because the timer was running. It just beeped at me. I logged into garmin connect, and there was the first 230 miles of my ride. It knew about the rest of the ride, but there is no data.

Looks like they improved the data collection substantially, it takes almost 200 more miles before the device locks up hard. Still really bad software design though. Why am I thinking about buying an 830 again?

on edit: hooking it up to garmin express fixed the endless reboot cycle, which is nice.

Originally Posted by Iride01 View Post
No, two steps required..... stop timer and reset it. But you correctly stated it at the end.

I wouldn't go so far as to say "deeply stupid" or even "stupid". It's just how they have done it in all their edge series and other sport and activity devices that I'm aware of.

The way you describe doing your timer on your multi day trip should have worked. The problem being whatever was the "white-screen" you mentioned.... low on battery or software exception, There may well be some limits in the code that are being exceeded and throw an exception that is not handled. But being proprietary software, it's up the developers to do that, but the developers are probably doing other higher priorities..
The white screen is a hard crash. You have to do a factory reset to recover, I think. Going to see if garmin connect will fix it somehow. If it was an exception, they could put in an exception handler, so that's also a deeply stupid design decision. It's really not hard to fix this issue on new designs, they just don't want to. I have heard of people with 1030 that do long rides that have similar problems, and it really has a hard time recovering. People report riding across the country with one course on a wahoo, so I guess some software developers are motivated to do a little simple memory management. Here is a sketch of how to do it: periodically write the data out to persistent memory as a file. Keep a linked list of the files in another file in persistent memory in case you botch a write. Erase the buffer in ram, repeat as necessary. It really would be helpful to have a timer and total miles, no reason to reset everything just so they don't corrupt your data.

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