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Originally Posted by jmeb View Post
For others who aren't aware -- in the UK, "pavement" == "sidewalk" in the US.

However, in the case of Milton Keyes, their cycle networks are more like a densely built multi-use path.

I don't think you'll find many people in the US cycling culture which dominates this site that wouldn't love such a system. But our desire to be on roads stems from the fact it the lesser of two evils, and there is no political will to build cycle infrastructure like Milton Keyes which is quite a distinctive building project built as a greenfield development. It isn't feasible to retrofit such infrastructure into most cities without a massive reduction in space dedicated to automobiles -- and then again -- a political will problem.

So short of that, you'll find most US advocates at least working towards ensure safety on the street which requires changes to norms, social attitudes, laws while we work on getting dedicated lanes built. Until then, we need to ensure safety on roads because they are the only viable option. Sidewalks aka pavement here doesn't exist in many areas, where it does it is often just 2-3ft wide, or extremely busy, and therefore more dangerous to ride on than the road.
There are streets with dedicated bike lane as well as some functional paths. However, my biggest grip is that the bike lanes are relocated to the far edges of the road. Exactly where all the road debris collects and decay of asphalt begins. With all the glass and nails and rocks there, its the worst possible surface, as we cyclist all know. Although it wouldn't be so bad if they cleaned the gutters every now and then.

In fact, I know of one bike lane that was paved over 30 years ago and hasn't been touched since. The saplings that were planed along its edges back then are now fully grown trees with roots buckling the path. Not the ride most of us would enjoy. Its great for mountain bikers though.
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