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Originally Posted by Seattle Forrest View Post
Do the self driving cars ever have drinking problems? Are they addicted to Facebook and text messages? Do they ever get road rage and create dangerous conditions for everybody around them to get revenge? Do they get tired and fall asleep at the wheel?
Originally Posted by genec View Post

But I do know the roads today are filled with "unpredictable human" drivers who often fail to "predict and react appropriately in real time to the actions of unpredictable pedestrians and animals, AND other drivers" to the tune of some 40,000+ deaths a year.

What's your solution? Denial?
Rehashing statements of a problem to solve are NOT a solution, NOR evidence that various "robo car" promoters are any closer to fielding driver less (Level 5) vehicles than they were two years ago, or that they will be any closer in 5 years.
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