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Originally Posted by Poppit View Post
Had to google that, never heard of them.

What about any of the mainland Europe shops such as
Poppit, we have large chain bicycle shops in the US like Performance Bike and Richardson Bike Mart, but they simply do not carry large selections of track racing equipment. You may see the fixie/track offering from a major manufacturer there (e.g. Specialized Langster), but you won't be able to get common race kit like: Shimano/Zen/FSA chainrings, Casco Warp 3 helmets, Mavic Ellipse, 3T Scatto, or Toshi/Velcro pedal straps.

In the US, cycling is a nice sport and track cycling is a niche within that niche sport. Living in Atlanta, which has a vibrant cycling race scene (Road, Criterium, CX, MTB, and Track) and 1 or 2 standard local bikes shop every 5-10 miles or so, track racing equipment is still hard to come by. The phrases I hear most often are, "No...we don't have that." and "We might be able to order it for you." If that's the case, I can order for myself for less money, have it here faster, and it will be delivered to my doorstep and I don't have to fight traffic to come pick up my parts. It's frustrating.

Even with such a vibrant scene, I still find myself often having to describe track racing to fellow COMPETITIVE CYCLISTS. "It's a 'VELO-drome'. It's an oval track...sorta like NASCAR. You may have seen it in the Olympics...."
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