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Originally Posted by cook.gwc View Post
I honestly think a frankenbike is pretty cool. I connected with the trek guy and asked him about potential problems and he said it needs a new front brake cable (not bad), but he also said "you can ride problem...". Kind of a weird way to phrase it, should that be cause for concern? I don't mind getting maybe a new wheel or something (I'm sure I'll be able to source one cheap from a friend) but what would be the most concerning issue in your opinion? Obviously damage to the frame would be a deal breaker, but are there any parts that are a pain to replace otherwise? Also, not concerned with the downtube shifters, I have a buddy who has some extra indexed bar end shifters and he's happy to help me install them.
Even so, you still need a new back wheel, cassette, and chain, and someone who is confident spreading the rear dropouts from 126 to 130 mm so the new rear wheel can fit. It can be done, but I would suggest that maybe you are just better off looking for a used bike from the 90s, 00s, or 10s, that already has indexed shifting.

One of the reasons I felt comfortable buying the Frankenbike Gitane was, I knew the seller. He owned a bike shop and I was a regular customer. I knew from experience he wouldn't let a bike out the door in poor condition or unsafe to ride.
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