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Originally Posted by seedsbelize View Post
Well, one advantage is you don't inhale any bugs. I tend to use nose breathing to Pace myself; otherwise I tend to go too hard too early, and then have difficulties. Difficulties around dispepsia which, oddly, manifest in my jaw. If I cut the power immediately, I can remain mounted. Otherwise it's a stop and sit down thing. Unpleasant and frustrating.

Hmmm. Jaw pain can be referred from nerves in the chest, including those to the heart, and is a famous angina "equivalent." Sorry to sound like some of the amateurs around here, but jaw pain with exertion and relieved by rest is definitely worth getting checked out!

Bugs, provided they don't sting, are a welcome source of nutrition for me. My wife's description of my appearance this morning after the ride was "cadaverous."

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