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I went to see my doctor a few minutes ago (yes, we are on Mexico's public option, [and we're in a village setting as opposed to the city] so I can go in any time before noon, and if the doctor has a few minutes, she'll talk to me). She disagreed on the exact destination of the nerves, believing them to be further back on the neck. I pressed her on this and she said that the jugular could be stressed, thus causing pain in one side of the jaw, but not both sides. Perhaps my pain is indeed further back, but I have no intention of testing it. In any case she cleared me for my upcoming trip to Belize, with Mrs. Seeds, as long as I don't over exert, over drink, or get overly stressed out. And she wrote up an order for an elecdtrocardiogram when I get back. She's in her 30s, if that makes a difference.
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one general tip for when the exact hub cone is not readily available. discovered that the curvature of the bearing surface on the shimano 600 was a pretty good "skeleton key" for many applications. it would sometimes require a small change in ball size to make everything come out correctly.
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