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Originally Posted by diver858 View Post
Would appreciate some guidance on selection of a replacement front single crankset. I am 6'2" tall, would like 175 mm cranks, possibly a larger diameter crankset. In my initial shakedown ride, I had no difficulty on a 7% grade with the stock 6-speed freewheel. With the added leverage of the longer cranks, I am trying to decide if 52T might be a bit too ambitious, go with something more like 48T. No interest in adding a FD, double chain rings.

Recommendations of specific models would also be appreciated, Dahon-related forums are not very helpful.

If I am going to upgrade the crankset, would it be wise to upgrade the BB as well, or simply do a good job lubricating the bearings?
Sorry diver, I can't provide guidance on a particular crankset. As you may already know, the riveted chainring that comes on the bike is acceptable for casual use but it upgrades are a welcome addition. The stock bottom bracket is square taper, so replacing the bottom bracket as well opens up your crankset options. Since I had some old square taper crankarms already and matching chainring(s), I simply pulled the stock bottom bracket apart and lubed with good quality grease. It seems to be holding up well.
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